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What up, losers? Welcome to Jake's Space, the homepage of yours truly.
This website is under construction so it's a little empty.

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My CD Collection equalizer gif

I don't have many CDs at the moment, but I'm looking to grow my collection. Here's what I have so far:

photo of Dark All Day
Gunship Dark All Day
A really good album with a nice change of atmosphere from Gunship's debut. The autographs make this really special, and I'm so glad to have gotten it.
photo of Rewriting Silence
Jacob Stanifer Rewriting Silence
Jacob gave me this CD about five years ago when the EP first came out. The sleeve is printed and the disc inside is a CD-R. It's a cool slice of the past.

CDs I'm looking for:

My Game Consoles

Here's some of the consoles and games I own.

photo of my N64 Nintendo 64
Lots of great games on this console. It's perfect for hanging out with some friends if you have enough controllers. It has the added bonus of revealing potential serial killers, just look for anyone holding the controller by the outer handles.
Favorite game: Star Fox 64
photo of my PS2 Playstation 2
One of the newer consoles. I only have one controller and a single game for this, but I've played others at my friend's houses. The fact it can play DVDs and CDs is great, it even has an optical out so you can use an external DAC. This is especially useful because I don't have a CD-ROM drive in my PC.
Favorite game: Shadow of the Colossus
photo of my C64 Commodore 64
It doesn't see much use now that I have an IBM compatible PC, but it still works fine and maybe someday I'll get around to writing some BASIC programs on it.
Favorite game: 10 PRINT "BOOBIES" 20 GOTO 10